Advanced Levels

When you pass the Twelfth Grade, you receive your Black T-Shirt which signifies you have completed the Student Syllabus and are now ready to train for your Technician Grades. The 4 Technician Grades are where you complete your training in the unarmed Wing Chun System and begin the formal Wing Chun weapons training (Six and a Half Point Long Pole, and Bart Cham Do Knives). As the name suggests, these grades are about achieving a high level of technical expertise in Wing Chun, and all Technical Grade exams are taken by Sifu Benno. The 1st Technician Grade (1TG) is the 'Black Belt' equivalent in Wing Chun, and students who have passed this wear Black with Red.

1TG Requirements:
- Minimum of 1 year since passing SG12
- Option 1: SNT grades 1-6, CK grades 1-6, SNT AND CK Instructor Certification
- Option 2: SNT grades 1-6, CK grades 1-6, 1TG Test. There is a minimum age of eighteen to take this test, due to the maturity required to get through the examination.

2TG Requirements:
- Minimum of 2 years since passing TG1
- Option 1: BJ grades 1-6, BJ Instructor Certification.
- Option 2: BJ grades 1-6, 2TG Test.

3TG Requirements:
- Minimum of 3 years since passing TG2

4TG Requirements:
 - Minimum of 4 years since passing TG3