End of Year Wing Chun & Escrima Concepts Gradings 2018


The end of the year is always a busy time for us with gradings happening for all levels in both our Wing Chun and Escrima Concepts programmes. The different levels within the programmes all have different length terms, however they come together as we approach the Christmas break. The Wing Chun grades are examined by Sifu Ross and Col, with Grandmaster Steve and Wayne Tappin visiting us to grade the Escrima Concepts members.

Where the Wing Chun syllabus has 12 Students Grades, the Escrima syllabus has 9 Student Grades, and this term we had students complete their final student grades for both arts as well as some members of the Instructor Team being awarded their Assistant Instructor levels.

Big congratulations to everyone who levelled up and succeeded in demonstrating their improved level:
Wing Chun Student Grades:
SG1: Giorgia, James, Klaara, and Sarah
SG2: Franziska, Jesse, and Liora
SG3: Alison, Armaan, and Ian
SG4: Fred, Juneid, Oliver, Pam, and Rajesh
SG5: Dana and Mathieu
SG7: John, Karl, and Matas
SG8: Leila, Nial, Nick, and Wai
SG9: Gábor
SG11: Fiona
SG12: John, Kieran, Minh

Escrima Student Grades:
SG2: Gábor
SG2: Joseph
SG3: Nicola
SG4: Stephen
SG5: Amy, Ash, Martyn, and Harry
SG6: Jim
SG7: Tim
SG9: Neil and Tiest

Instructor Team:
Wing Chun Assistant Instructor Level 1: Gábor, John, Josh, Kieran, Minh and Thomas
Wing Chun Assistant Instructor Level 2: Harry and Ka Fai
Escrima Concepts Assistant Instructor Level 3: Neil and Tiest