Free Self Defence Workshop - January 2019


Self defence is something we hold dear to our hearts at Cambridge Kung Fu, and so every January we host a free workshop for family and friends of members. Each year we have people who’s never done any self defence before, some who’ve done bits elsewhere, and some people who come every year.

Here’s what some attendees said this year:

"A big thank you to everybody at Cambridge kung fu today what a great self defence workshop. Doesn’t time fly by when you’re enjoying yourself! My son Benji absolutely loved it and has been sharing all his new moves and telling his family about his new friends. There was a friendly and fun atmosphere in which to learn a very serious subject.” - Mark.

"Just wanted to say thanks for Sunday. Personally I really enjoyed it (more than I thought I would) and I also thought it was a great seminar overall and a great thing for CKF to offer. The main points are that I liked:
- Content (what you chose to teach and not teach)
- Length of exercises
- The balance of talking and doing
- The atmosphere was light/fun but also informative and not afraid to touch on serious subjects
- The presence of a large number of staff/instructors being able to provide a really good experience/opportunity for new people”
- Craig.

If you missed it but are interested in doing some self defence with us, please drop us an email. You can see some photos of this years workshop here: