Friends of CKF

At our 10 Year Celebration on the 20th August 2017 we launched a new initiative called the 'Friends of Cambridge Kung Fu'. Our hope is that this will create an avenue for those members of our Kung Fu family who have the resources to do so, and who feel it is a cause that deserves their support, to be able to contribute even more than they already do.

The plan is that as a result of the Friends of Cambridge Kung Fu we'll be able to increase our ability to teach the Cambridge Kung Fu FUNdamental skills of Awareness, Focus, Resilience & Integration in the community. Some examples of the sorts of things we are thinking about are...

- Providing free/subsidised training, through scholarships, for people who would love to do Kung Fu but are unable to pay.
- Going into schools & community organisations and providing free or subsidised training for students & staff, where it is wanted and needed, but resources are low.
- Putting on free community self defence training workshops.

We are also open to suggestions so please get in touch if you have other input.

The idea is that you can support us financially and/or through time/expertise. If you would like to support the 'Friends of Cambridge Kung Fu' please get in touch with Sifu Ross at and let us know if you are able to offer money, time/expertise. If you would like to make a one-off donation or if you would like to make a regular monthly/annual donation then please let Sifu Ross know. All contributions, large or small, would be put to good use, as larger amounts can be used for single events whilst smaller amounts can be added together to create a pot, which we will use to fund the sorts of ideas mentioned above.

If you are keen to become a Friend of Cambridge Kung Fu you will be helping us to continue to grow and creating opportunities for our students and instructors to give back to our community so thank you in advance for this! Please get in touch if you'd like to support us or if you have any other questions.