Working for CKF

If you would like to join our Kids/Youth Instructor team as either a volunteer or a part-time staff member then pleaseĀ get in touch.

We are looking for people with a passion for education, community and fun! Ideally you would also have experience in working with children and a background in movement (i.e. martial arts, dance, yoga etc.)

Martial Arts experience is obviously desirable, however not essential in some of our younger classes.

The most important qualities we are looking for in our Instructors is positivity, enthusiasm and a willingness to grow and learn, as we believe that with these anything is possible! Role modelling the character traits we want to teach is vital for optimising the chances of our students learning the life skills we hope to nurture in them. "Do what I say not what I do," has no place in our classes. We want our instructors to embody the concept of personal development and enjoy change and growth, as we believe these skills are what our students need to learn more than almost anything else.

Regardless of whether you have a background in Martial Arts or not we will provide initial and on-going training to make sure that you always feel confident and well prepared to be able to teach or assist in our classes.

All of our Amazing Kids Instructors at Instructor Training in December 2014...

Some of our Kids and Youth Instructors who started as students in our Kids classes...

The best thing about working for Cambridge Kung Fu is...
Part Time Kids Instructor Part Time Kids Instructor
"Always willing to listen to ideas and feedback."
Part Time Youth Instructor Part Time Youth Instructor
"Seeing the spark when someone you are teaching gets the idea/technique."
Part Time Kids Instructor Part Time Kids Instructor
"Thanks for such professionalism. Cambridge Kung Fu's honest and professional practices are inspiring my other employer to positively change theirs! Thanks heaps!"
Full Time Staff Member Full Time Staff Member
"Teaching and learning something truly awesome."
Part Time Kids/Youth Instructor Part Time Kids/Youth Instructor
"Feeling part of something positive."