More about Self Defence

It is our belief that self confidence is the best weapon to combat bullies, predators and anyone we may feel the need to defend ourselves against. It is with this in mind that we are always aiming to build your child's confidence so that predators and bullies choose to go after easier victims than the students of Cambridge Kung Fu.

In addition to this, we feel it is important to recognise that most children, on some level, whether consciously or subconsciously may have bullied another person. Our aim is to minimise this, to help our students not only protect themselves, and others, from bullies but to also help prevent our students from causing harm to others. People that are full of self confidence and self esteem have no motivation to bully others, and this is our goal.

Martial arts techniques are taught in our classes, however all of our children's classes are non-contact between the students, until they move into Junior Warriors where there are some relaxed partner exercises. Until students are old enough to join our Youth Kung Fu programme, the self defence applications of the moves are not taught, although the instructors will sometimes demonstrate them if it is felt that the class is mature enough to receive the information without using the techniques inappropriately. We do teach that it is appropriate to use their Kung Fu in an emergency situation and we discuss with the children what this means.