Reading List

A list of recommended titles from our Instructors for those of you who are interested in learning more about any of the Martial Arts we teach at Cambridge Kung Fu, Martial Arts in General, Philosophy or Health and Fitness.


'Tao Te Ching' by Lao Tzu - There are many translations of these classics so we recommend taking your time finding one that you 'fit' with.

'The Tao of Pooh' by Benjamin Hoff- An excellent introduction to Taoist thinking.

Martial Arts Philosophy

'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu

General Martial Arts

'Kung Fu for Girls: Self Defence for Divas' by Simon Harrison

'Mind Over Matter: Higher Martial Arts' by Shi Ming, Translated by Thomas Cleary

'Martial Arts: The Spiritual Dimension' by Peter Payne

'Bruce Lee and Me: A Martial Arts Adventure' by Brian Preston

'Angry White Pyjamas: An Oxford Poet Trains with the Tokyo Riot Police' by Robert Twigger

Wing Chun Kung Fu

"There are many books on the Market about Wing Chun, and we have read many but certainly not all. I have yet to find one that is really exciting. I feel this is for several reasons. One reason is that being a great martial artist does not mean you will be a great author. Also I think many of the greatest Wing Chun Masters are not entirely clear on why they are so good, they just are! There is also the issue that Chinese society is very secretive, and although this is changing, sometimes old habits are hard to change! My advice is that if you are looking for a good book on Wing Chun have a look around, and read a few pages and see if you enjoy what the author is saying and the way that the information is communicated." - Sifu Ross

Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung

"As there are a variety of different styles of Tai Chi, and each one is further developed by it's Masters and Instructors, there are a great many books available on the subject. Also, due to the differences between different styles, not all books are relevant to all practitioners. The best way is to go into a bookshop and read a bit of each one, and then pick one that you enjoy and understand the most."

One book that we recommend, not about Tai Chi itself, but about practicing and teaching it's life lessons is 'Steal My Art: The Life and Times of Tai Chi Master T.T.Liang' – by Stuart Olson. A greatly informative and amusing book, for students of any art.

'Tai Chi Walking' by Robert Chuckro

'Big Book of Tai Chi' by Bruce Francis

'Chinese Soft Excercise' by Paul Crompton